Southern Mississippi....USM! It's Tailgate Time...

Well guys, its that time of year again. Even though south Mississippi does not allow us much fall weather, we still get to have fun fall activities! One of our and tailgating! We have THE BEST tailgate spot in America at Chapel Place, and THE BEST tailgate group in America too. I know Ole Miss has the Grove, and it is super fun, but Chapel Place is super fun too and since we are Eagles at the Metz house, we are gonna say it is even better. There is room for all our kids to run and play...with no fear of cars, and we have tons of those kiddos that we LOVE to have around. We have great food and great fun, and we even have a bathroom within walking distance. We may get hot, we may get tired, but we have fun!!!!!!
Seriously though, it really is such a fun thing for our whole family to get to do together. Honestly, it is way way to short with only 6 home games.
Check out Austin Davis stopping to talk to Zachary at the Eagle Walk...Zach wears his jersey #12 to every game!!!!!

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