So Thankful, Y'all!

This Thanksgiving was pretty eventful. For starters, Zach came down the croup on Monday night...HORRIBLE is the only word to describe that. We were bummed that we could not make the trip to Starkville, but it worked out OK cause we got to see Aunt "Jamie J." We just needed one more day to recover from that nasty croup. We decided to make the trip to MO to see Todd's grandmother because she turned 90 on Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful she is so healthy and had a wonderful time at her SURPRISE party. We woke up Sunday in MO with me and Mallory sick...yuck! That was not a fun 7 hour ride back....
However, all in all, thru sickness, health, cancelling plans and re-making plans, 7 hour drives and croup and sinus infections, I am so very very thankful for the many many blessings I have been given. So so many....and im so underserving.
Here are some pics from the Holiday. I hope yours was great as well!!!!

Zach and uncle Bob "working" on the farm

Zach and Mallory at the "head" table at GiGi's 90th bday party!

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