Seven Years!

My baby is 7. My how time flies. He is growing up so fast, and he is getting taller and smarter by the day it seems. First grade has been really good to him, (and us) and he is trying his hand at becoming a little more independent with each passing week.

Zachary is sweet, and caring, and although a bit OCD; his ability to focus on a goal and reach it is something i already admire in him. He is precious, thoughtful and gets really excited about somethings, and really upset about others, but that ability to feel passionate about something is something to admire as well. He is senior blue belt tae kwon do, and coach pitch baseball. He is blond haired, dark skinned, bike riding, and friend loving. Mama's boy. Daddy's buddy. Big brother, cousin, grandson, great grandson, friend, "zach attack", "rufus", "babysitter zach," austin davis, and brett favre's biggest little fan. He is awesome. wonderful. precious.

My first born, my "little angel" daddy's "little punkie pie," all grown up into big boy.

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