The Sun is setting on summer....

Schools out, the nights roll in, Just like a long lost friend, ya aint seen in awhile, ya cant help but smile....

Wow, do I love summer. Its hard to put into words what summer means to me, but i'm gonna try...maybe kenny will help too.

Our summer has been: a packed car, sandy towels, hauling the stuff to and from the beach, swimming till dark, learning to dive.

Our summer has been time with friends and family...which is by far, the most important.

Our summer has been waterslides, fourth of july parties, the Blue Angles and the Country Club.

But most importantly our summer has been lots of time. Time spent in phone conversations I don't normally have time to have. Time spent laying in bed snuggling, watching Spongebob or Dora, because we dont have anywhere to be. Time spent going to Chick-fil-a and McDonalds, and Books a million, and other things that kids like to do "just because" we wanted to. It has been having time to PLAY in a bubble bath because bed time is a little later. It's been having the time to read four books instead of two because i'm not worried about a 5:30 alarm. It's been not caring about TIME at all, which is such a nice change from the rat race and fast pace of a school year that bring activities, sports, and obligations. I guess maybe my love of summer just goes back to that which is the most very basic of things indeed....that we are built to be social creatures, and some of us, like me, over schedule ourselves and our children to the point where we don't have TIME to just be a family....or be a good friend, or a good neighbor, and these weeks of summer give us some time to do just that. Catch up on the things which we feel we have neglected...I hope I have!
Here's to our super summer, and lookin forward to a happy fall....y'all!

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