My baby is 6!

So, usually I would have updated to blog alot earlier with pics from the big 6 year old's birthday party but it seems we have been very very busy these days around the Metz house. Not to mention, that I have been wiped out from work most nights when I get home, and Todd has been traveling alot for work! WOW! Just typing all of it makes me tired.

Well, I thought last year, when Zachary turned 5 that my depression was just a normal reaction to him being out of the "Preschool years!" Well, for some reason, 6 has hit me a little harder. I find myself constantly wanting to keep doing things for him that will keep him little. Helping him with his shoes for example...he can tie his own shoes, but in the morning, when we are getting ready for our day, and he says: "will you just help me put on my shoes!" I just cant help but..."help!" I mean, there will be a day where he barely even speaks to me, right? Oh I dread that!

For now though, even though he is 6, he is still very much my little boy. He LOVES his mama. Not that he doesnt love his daddy, cause he worships Todd, but he is for sure what one would characterize as a "mama's boy" and for now, that is just fine with this mama!

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