Hoppy Easter, Bunnies!

This Easter started off wonderfully because (drum roll please, right here) Our little brown bunny was seen scampering through our yard a few days before. We have now named the bunny "cutie pie" and are thinking of exciting ways to make it want to live in our yard. So far, I have been told to plant tall flowers so it can hide, and set a racoon trap, but I think the latter would more frighten the bunny than get it to stay. I could never do that!!!! We have finally decided that we are going to each try our own way and see if any work. Zach gets to try first. This weekend we will put out some carrots and see if he comes.

Easter weekend was full of wonderful times with friends and family. We went to a fun egg hunt at the country club that mallory thinks was just for her and her friends Sarah Dabney and Mary Carter, even though there were tons of kids there. Zach got his green belt in karate and his sparring gear, which was really exciting for him. Also, we pull up to mom and dad's for Easter lunch and see about 100 eggs all over their front yard! Now that, was exciting!!!!!!

Here are some pics of my cute little bunnies!!!!!!

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Kamryn said...

A little two year old girl at my church in Hattiesburg said the country club easter bunny was scary!! She was literally scared to death of the Easter bunny!! Was he that bad at the CC?