"Cause it's the Mother's Day...Daddy!!!!"

So, Tuesday, Zachary had a mothers day program at this school. This is the conversation that went down between he and Todd the morning of:
Zach: "Mama's takin me to school today."

Todd: "Why? I take you to school."

Zach: "Cause, its her day?"

Todd: "Who's day?"

Zach: "Mama's"

Todd: "Zach, tell me why mama's taking you to school."

Zach: "Cause of the program."

Todd: "What program?"

Zach: "Cause its the Mother's Day Daddy."

At that moment, my dream that Todd had remembered I wanted a fancy camera (that he can get for a discount though Olympus, but has to order) were smushed.

But, then, I got to watch this:

And this:

And I realized that I have all I've ever really wanted...I'm blessed beyond measure.
Happy Mother's Day, Everyone!!!!!!

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Carly Winborne said...

So cute! I can't wait for these school programs. He looks so proud of himself!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about those smocked dresses. I'm glad to know you visit us!

I enjoy checking on you, too.