Shrek the Halls and other misunderstandings...

Mallory is funny, I mean really funny, and smart. I know all parents think that their children are just brilliant, but my girl is really smart...
Anyway, yesterday we are driving home from school and this is how the conversation goes:
Mallory: "Mama, why did Shrek need a thousand dolls?"
Me: "huh?"
Mallory (a little louder): "Why did Shrek need a thousand dolls?"
Me: (still lost): I don't know what you are talking about. So, I guess I don't know.
Mallory (screaming now, like really screaming): "SHREK NEEDS A THOUSAND DOLLIES!!!! IT SAYS SO IN THE SONG!!!!!!!"
Me (still not getting it, but not wanting to be yelled at anymore): Oh, why dont you sing it for me then maybe I will understand.
Mallory: "okay, (tune of "deck the halls" please) Shrek the halls with a thousand dollies, fa la la la la la la la la. Tis the season to be jolly. fa la la la la la la la"

Okay, now that is pretty funny and got me thinking to all of the other funny things my children misinterpret. Like at one time, Zach called Jesus' disciples the "bicycles" and they traveled all around telling people of his word and it was easy because.....they were bicycles!!!

Do you have a funny misinterpretation to share??? just gotta love 'em!

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